Looking to have custom illustrations made? That’s great, I’m always looking for a new challenge!

My experience in illustrations includes everything from con-badges to detailed character illustrations, character sheets, colouring work, web design, book illustrations and tattoos.
My forte lies with organic forms; living creatures and natural shapes.

Prices and payment
The cost of a commission varies from piece to piece depending on complexity, media and desired rights.
I accept Paypal, AlertPay, bank transactions from local customers and money orders. Dutch customers will need to include an additional 19% for taxes.
Sometimes I also accept barter for commissions, usually in the form of art supplies, books or animal skulls and bones.
Please do not send payments or items until after we’ve agreed on a price.

How to proceed

Once you’ve determined what you would like me to illustrate you will need to contact me for a price qoute. Please include all information that would be relevant to determining the complexity of the final image; the nature of the image and it’s intended use, the number of characters and the nature of their interaction, the nature of the background, physical characteristics, clothes and accessories, preferred medium (digital, traditional) and so forth.
After we’ve agreed on a price I will require full payment in advance for commissions at or under €50, or at least half of the payment in advance for commissions over €50; one watermarked sketch will be provided until the full payment has been received. After that the illustration will be completed with reasonable room for changes to the sketch prior to the inking process. If the number of required changes is significant I will require an additional fee for the additional labour.

A final note
I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason and the right to terminate a commission in progress if the customer is being uncooperative. In the latter case the customer’s money will be refunded minus the amount required for the work done up to that point and any work completed up to that point will be sent out to the customer.

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