Silver Platter

There’s been a lot of beheadings in our campaign, with the party currently closing in on a leader of a group of necromancers, poised for another beheading and revenge on the necromancers for killing a mutual friend, the act that brought them together.

Obvious parody/homage to Aubrey Beardsley, one of my favorite artists. One of his most well known pieces is based on an Oscar Wilde play about Salomé. In the play she is the stepdaughter of king Herod, a man who demands she dances the dance of seven veils for him. Yikes. She only agrees to do it in trade for the head of John the Baptist’s head on a silver platter after said man spurns her advances.

Pilfer’s situation, and the copious beheadings of enemies, reminded me of Salomé, there’s a few layers of similarities to the two characters I can’t get into at the moment. But I had fun drawing this.