I rekindled an old love for TMNT when I watched the 2003 TV series; Splinter was always my favorite, and I wondered how my ratonga character, Zaynah, would fit into the universe.

I always imagined Splinter would be curious, but.. He’s a wise, honorable warrior who follows the bushido code and values discretion while Zaynah is a devious, sneaky rogue with an intense thirst for life. Not that Zaynah is a bad person per se, but neither would she hesitate to cut down anyone she deemed a threat, especially in defense of her friends. From what I know of Splinter, he abhors killing and would loathe to resort to it even under dire circumstances. Zaynah has lost count of the people, and creatures, she has killed.
Splinter values facing his enemies in a fair fight, Zaynah uses her almost uncanny ability to go unseen until it is too late, cutting her enemy’s throat before they realize what is happening. Splinter enjoys watching soap operas on TV and spends long hours meditating, where Zaynah likes to get drunk and dance on tables in crowded taverns.

Zaynah would be a bad influence on his sons, no doubt.

But, Splinter is alone in being one of the few mutants around and possibly the only rat, where Zaynah has come from a tribe, she has a culture and a home almost filled to bursting with ratongan friends. If Splinter sought her out to try and fill some part of him that feels alone by the nature of his existence, he may come out of it disappointed with the realization that Zaynah is a nefarious thug.

At least, there is more to her, but it would take some wheedling to find out more. Maybe he could do it, maybe not. Maybe he’d try to get to know her better over a cup of green tea in a private sanctuary, when Zaynah spikes said tea with gin and regales the old man with lurid tales of her adventures while he silently questions the wisdom of extending the invitation.

Worlds collide.