Terms of Service

Terms of service:

  • I retain all rights not negotiated and paid for; a contract will be written up when rights are transferred.
  • The transaction is between me and one [1] client.
  • The art may not be used to train or be edited by any form of “artificial intelligence”.
  • I do not accept clients under the age of 18; I reserve the right to ask for legal identification.
  • I will require written permission from the owners of every participating character.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to provide all necessary information. I will not be responsible for false, inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the client.
  • Every commission includes 1 opportunity for revisions before the inking stage. Additional revisions will cost extra for the additional labour.
  • Any final edits must be requested within 24 hours of delivery of completed image, surcharges will apply.
  • I can work with a deadline for a surcharge, depending on complexity of the image and my workload.
  • Do not send NSFW photographic material for any reason ever.
  • I reserve the right to decline any commission/trade without citing a reason.
  • I reserve the right to cancel a transaction if the client is abusive or uncooperative, in which case a (partial) refund will be issued.

Payment and refunds:

  • The cost of a commission varies from piece to piece depending on complexity, media and desired rights.
  • I do not charge extra for natural markings, such as tiger stripes on tigers or leopard spots on leopards.
  • My work may never be uploaded to sites which allow for “cub porn”, this includes but is not restricted to: inkbunny.net, sofurry.com, e621.net
  • Once a price has been determined, I will send the customer an invoice.
  • I will require full payment in advance for commissions at or under €50, or at least half of the payment in advance for commissions over €50.
  • Watermarked sketches will be provided until full payment is received.
  • If the transaction is cancelled by the client, they will receive a refund minus the amount for the work already done. The amount of the refund is to be determined by the artist.
  • Payments are in Euros, on-line transaction services can pay in Euros. I accept Paypal and Alertpay.


  • For the sake of record keeping, communication via e-mail is preferred. [commission at bridgeofmagpies dot com]
  • Please limit asking for updates to once a week maximum.
  • I will not hand out my phone number or Discord contact information.
  • I am currently not offering Livestream commissions on demand.

Things I won’t draw for commissions:

  • Copyrighted/trademarked characters and/or public figures.
  • Copy other people’s designs or significant portions thereof.
  • Imitate another artist’s style on demand.

In addition to not drawing the following, I will also not accept being sent any material including the following content, for reference or any other purpose:

  • Under aged characters, or characters with child-like anatomy, nude or in sexual context.
  • Feral, non-anthro, non-sentient animals in sexual context.
  • Toilet related activities including diapers.

Uncooperative and/or abusive clients, both for commissions and trades, will be featured in Artist Beware in which case all communication will be published for fairness’ and clarity’s sake.

I am a member of Trusted Artists!