EDC, Every Day Carry:
– The Leatherman Skeletool CX multitool. €109,95 while on offer, €134,95 normally.
Fish Bone, they’re super handy, link has a video on how they’re used. €29,95
– *Cookey hand warmer and powerbank, because it cold outside! >:( €49,95

– *For woodworking, and who wouldn’t trust me with a Hultafors mini hatchet?! €89,95, tho it still says pre-order for some reason. ¯\_(._.)_/¯
– *For safety, lvl 5 Anti-Cut Gloves. €32,50
– In the same theme, Whittling Flat-Plane Animals. €19,73
– Plant-themed tarot deck BOTANICA: Herbalist Edition. It’d have to ship from the US. You can see some of the artwork here. $40

Other fun:
– *I Don’t Know How But They Found Me shirt (XXL) because they’re amazing and if you’re not listening to them yet, you should. £15.00
– You want this too, locally made with local ingredients. Pretty much all are nice, but especially Vetiver soap and Herbal shampoo. This one looks promising too. I prefer the smokey, musky or minty smells over floral or citrus. Prices are between €5,95 and €9,95 per bar.

Other ideas:
– A nice bento lunch delivered at work.
– Weekly Pathfinder sessions.
– Stuff with Eurasian magpies (pica pica) on it.
– A donut.